Distributed Forces

There are single forces, which are applied at a point or distributed, which is applied over a surface area. An example of a distributed force would be wind.  Another example of a distributed force is gravity.  If we look at the kit or a box, gravity is applied over the entire surface of the box not just at a single point. When we think of ourselves if gravity was only applied at a single point like the top of our head our arms would float.

Image showing Distributed Forces

If we take the rope included in our kit and hold one end while someone gently tugs on the other end or tie it around something and pull.  Pulling on the rope is an example of a single force.


Now that we understand what a distributed force is will our problem involve any distributed forces? If so, what type of design considerations do we need to take to overcome the elements that our structure will face?

How will the shape of our design impact the distributed forces? Is it better to increase or decrease our surface area for our design?